Replacement HP 647982-001 Laptop Adapter 6.9A |19.5V 135W HP 647982-001 Laptop Power Supply

HP 647982-001 Laptop Adapter 6.9A |19.5V 135W HP 647982-001 Power Adapter
Product Code: 2013HPD00038
Part No: 647982-001
Volt: 19.5V
Current: 6.9A
Size: 7.4x5.0mm
Power: 135W
Warranty: 3 Years Warranty
Customer Rating: 5 Stars
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HP 647982-001 19.5V 6.9A 135W Laptop Adapter Product Description:

Rechargeable hp 647982-001 adapter high quality replacement at

hp 647982-001 laptop adapter replacement avaliable In,our hp 647982-001 adapter price is low,also adapter hp 647982-001 is 100% compatible with the oem hp 647982-001 laptop batetry. hp 647982-001 batteries replacement helps power up your 647982-001 laptop for business trips and vacations,welcome your good hp 647982-001 laptop adapter review for us.

HP 647982-001 Adapter Can Compatible With Following Part Numbers(P/N):

HP 647982-001 Laptop Adapter Can Compatible With Following Models:


How to select hp 647982-001 laptop adapter?

  1. make sure the volt and currect of hp 647982-001 adapter is same as your origial .
  2. carefully check the size of tip of hp 647982-001 adapter is correct.
  3. check and confirm with the photo of hp 647982-001 power adapter is the one you are looking for.
  4. contact with us if any problem on selecting hp 647982-001 power adapter.

Why we recommend hp 647982-001 laptop adapter to you?

  1. our hp 647982-001 laptop adapter is 100% new .
  2. hp 647982-001 power adapter with factory price in
  3. offer hp 647982-001 laptop charger with 3 years warranty.
  4. same day ship if place hp 647982-001 adapter before PM 4.

The Tip of hp 647982-001 laptop adapter:

  1. keep the hp 647982-001 adapter far away from water.
  2. keep hp 647982-001 power adapter in cool - remember not to put the hp 647982-001 adapter on the cotton or some other things where the heat elimination is not good
  3. Do not charge and discharge hp 647982-001 adapter often. - the cord and the hp 647982-001 power suplier will be seperated and very loose.
  4. Know the part number hp 647982-001. - know the number, Then you can get a replacement efficiently and earlily next time if you require.
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